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Vision and Aims

Our Vision

“A school community, where all are inspired to achieve. Together we believe, persevere and succeed.”

Stapleford Abbotts School was awarded a “Good” judgement by Ofsted in March 2015 in all categories.

Our Mission Statement

Stapleford Abbotts School encourages perseverance by:

Stapleford Abbotts School enables everyone to succeed by:

Our School Aims

Pupils’ Progress - achievement and standards We will ensure that the school:
  • Always strives for the highest standards of achievement
  • Teaches all lessons to a good or better standard
  • Places a clear emphasis on reading, writingand mathematics
  • Prepares children for the next stage of their education
  • Challenges and motivates our children toachieve
Pupils’ personal development and well being We will ensure that the children:
  • Feel happy and safe in school
  • Display high standards of behaviour
  • Develop independence in their learning
  • Promote respect for themselves, others and the environment
  • Develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity
Resource Management - quality of provision We will ensure that the school:
  • Achieves value for money in use of funds to achieve its aims
  • Makes the most of the local environment in children’s learning
  • Becomes a recognised school for excellent teachers
  • Provides support and training for other professionals
Leadership & Management We will ensure that the school:
  • Is recognised for excellence in leadership and management
  • Creates leaders at all levels
  • Communicates effectively with all stakeholders
  • Embraces technology to equip our childrenwith skills for their future
  • Encourages staff to be committed to theirown learning journey and the sharing of quality practice
Overall Effectiveness We will ensure that the school:
  • Upholds a strong belief in nurturing every child
  • Places a strong emphasis on the fostering of resilience
  • Endeavours to create mature life-long learners
  • Provides memorable and enjoyable learning experiences
  • Encourages children, staff, parents/carers and the local community to work together as a team

This vision and aims statement was created and agreed by a joint working party of staff and governors in December 2015.

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