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Stapleford Abbotts School Uniform

Girls Uniform

Winter Uniform

Grey skirt or pinafore dress

Grey trousers

White blouse or white shirt with collar to be worn with the school tie

White polo shirt

Red cardigan; red school sweatshirt

White socks or grey tights

Red or black hairband


Summer Uniform

Red check dress

Grey Trouser or shorts; grey skirt or pinafore

Red cardigan; school sweat shirt; tank top

White blouse; white shirt or a white polo shirt.

Please note skirts should be an appropriate length and style which allows girls to sit comfortably on the floor. When girls wear shorts even when these are worn over tights they should be of an appropriate length.

Fashion shorts, three quarter, calf length and leggings should not be worn.


Boys Uniform Winter/Summer

Grey trousers or shorts

White collered shirt to be worn with a school tie

White polo shirt

Red school sweatshirt; red v necked jumper; red tank top

Grey socks

Outdoor Clothing

All children must have a warm, waterproof outdoor coat for playtimes.

If the school red coat is not worn an alternative is a plain black or navy blue anorak style coat with a hood.

In Spring and Autumn terms a red fleece or plaiin black or navy blue fleece can be worn as an alternative to an outdoor coat.

Fleeces are for outdoor wear and should not be worn in the classroom.


Boys and Girls Shoes

School shoes must be black leather or leather like shoes which are able to be polished. If trainer style shoes are to be  worn they must be plain black with no logos. The shoes must be sturdy and water proof with non-slip soles.

Girls shoes must have heels no higher that 2cms.

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